Lillian Mary Gulka (nee Glowacki) May 17, 1937 - Sept. 20, 2011

Lianne & Lillian Painting was truly one of mom's passions - she loved her art group, she loved looking at art, she loved continually learning about art and she just loved creating art. She always painted a card for a special occasion, and created paintings which enthusiastically displayed her love of family, landscape, nature, travel and history. We are lucky to have mom's entire story painted from her perspective and a biography written on the canvas describing her journey through her eyes. I am SO fortunate to have joined her art journey and shared her passion for creativity.

With gratitude for gifts of encouragement, voracious learning, discipline, colour sense and continual inspiration on this "art journey"

Visit my mothers art website to see more of her work - LILLIAN GULKA

lillian gulka art

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